Crazy Colour, with shameless self promotion! :DD
My tablet is being a little butch and I’m too lazy to restart the comp in order to fix that, so here’s White Vintage for people who voted for that!

You didn’t expect I’d leave you behind only with a few objects? >: )
So, last week I had this poll on what styled house to decorate, and people voted mostly for ‘High Class’, which means expensive villas etc. So I made you one! Well, at least I think it looks expensive, I personally would love to live there :’ ( And it’s pretty expensive in the Sims world- over 90K, I don’t know how to lower the price, sorry… Just ‘Motherload’ a few times : P

TESTERS WANTED! If you’d be so kind to test this and tell me if any CC is missing (flashing blue items), I’d be really grateful : )



Enjoy sugarcubes, no more gifts from me for a loong time. <3
Please tell if something is off! I’ve never before uploaded a lot, so I’m really nervous actually ehehe…

Mordor, Gandalf.. is it left or right?
..the game is still on after taking previews for the gift&#8230; xD


Hello sweethearts, it is time for gifts once again. I converted for you several lovely objects from TS3. : )

Original TS3 links:

-Gelina Hemingway Chair
-Gelina Bamboo Chair
-Gelina Small Snake Plant & Cactus ADDON: endtable
-Marcussims91 April Fools Day set ADDON: smaller bamboo vase
-Pseudodigs rugs- 1, 2 (not all converted, see swatch which I btw nicked from pseudo)
-Pseudodigs painting (original creator unknown, painting has different textures than the original TS3 one)


Enjoy & thank you for following! <3 Please inform if anything’s wrong.


That aside, I have some other things to say as well. I’ve decided that I need to take a good break from the Sims and the community, so I’m going on a semi-long hiatus(several months). I really need to start focusing more on my art, but I just love Sims too much and they distract me from important things. I’ll never get anywhere in my life if I continue like this : ( I’ll log out of this SIMBLR soon and go to my ARTBLR ”permanently”(no switching accounts), so I won’t be seeing nor liking your lovely posts, sorry : (

You’ll find me here ,in case you ever want to ask/chat/stalk me : ))

Take care sugarcubes, see you soon! <333


I thought I’d post the process of my HTTYD fan-thing and write a very confusing tut-kind of thing :P

So, as you can see, my game isn’t really that gorgeous. There’s a sim standing next to a deco dragon that I converted and behind them is a wall with pretty Skyrim-landscape wallpaper.

-I always work on duplicate layers. For me it’s way easier than working with Smart Objects. Right from the scratch, duplicate the background, do stuff to that layer, duplicate it, do stuff to that layer, duplicate etc. (Rightclick layer->Duplicate Layer/Ctrl+J, thanks Keoni! :D)

-First thing I always do with such ‘big’ and more or less ‘creative’ shots, is paint over the imperfections and add some stuff when needed, in this case, made Hiccup’s hair more like in the movie.

(- edited Toothless just by nicking the eyes from the official poster, widened the nose and painted some scales. )

-Second absolute must-step is the Dodge-tool. I use a huge(~400px), soft brush on a very low exposure(9%), with the Range set to Midtones. It makes the pic brighter and adds a wee bit of contrast. I just paint with it over the whole thing a bit, but mostly try to focus on the lighting source.

-Third thing I always do is (Filter->Blur->)Blur More (again on the duplicate layer!!). After applying the filter, I take a huge(~400px), soft eraser set to around 15% for both Opacity and Flow and erase the parts that I want to stand out more. Get what’s happening here? The layer beneath this one is sharp, so when we erase the blurry layer, the parts that you erase will be sharper : )

-Do the shadows with the Burn-tool.

That’s the routine I always take for editing pictures,the rest is pretty much just playing around with layer styles and filters till I’m satisfied.


-Use the Burn tool to add shadows(Range set to Shadows will make the parts much darker and more contrasty, and Range set to Midtones will just make the parts more gray and desaturated).

-For making shadows you can also create a new, empty layer, set the style to Multiply, and paint over it with a dark gray/beige-ish colour, see what happens. (play with layer opacity)

-Play around with the opacity of your layers!!

-For creating light parts, on a new empty layer set the layer style to Soft Light/Overlay/Screen and paint with a light colour(play around and see what looks good!)

-If you want to make some part of your pic a different colour, on an empty layer paint over the part you want to change with the colour you want, and set the layer style to either Colour or Soft Light(lower the opacity till it looks good).

-Use Lens Flare ; )

-Use Autocolour!! Doesn’t always look good, but still is an amazing feature. I’m not really sure how it works because the outcome is different every time, but here’s how you do it- use the shortcuts Shft+Ctrl+B, OR Image->Auto Colour.

-To add depth to your pictures, with the Blur Tool blur the things that are closer ‘to the camera’ and vice versa- blur the background so the things in front will pop up. I use again a large, soft brush set to 9% Strenght.

-To add texture, set the texture-layer to Soft Light and lower the opacity. I’d also recommend to make the layer black&white(Ctrl+U->Saturation to around -90) because otherwise the texture will mess up with your pretty colours.

Phew, I think that’s it! I’m really bad at writing tuts, but feel free to ask me some questions if you want to know something else : )) Hope this is helpful to at least someone <__<

And don’t forget- practice makes perfect! I’m still practising myself :D

Good luck! ^^ and sorry for such a long post ;_;

Trot outside and see the sunshine
Something’s in the air today
Sky is clear and you’re feelin’ so fine
Everything’s gonna be a-okay!


Was testing some CC and got all nostalgic looking at all the MM stuff. Did you know that I’m a former MMer? ; )

And to make up for the non-sims post, here are some ads I did for the previous LivingSims issue, that I don’t think I’ve yet posted here : )