Allright sugarcubes, the time has come to say goodbyes.
Policy: nothing is true, everything is permitted. Do whatever! Credit is appreciated but not necessary.
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You can find me at: - fanart - original art, - not much used, random postsSketchbook - mostly used, daily updates, sort of a diary, watch me becoming a great artist! :D Come and criticize my works!
Drop by and say hello every now and then, I’ll miss ya’ll too much otherwise! You’re allowed to kick me in the butt in case I don’t draw enough in your opinion.
See you in a few months sugarcubes :’ ) <3Don’t forget me! \0/

Hey lovelies! : ) I’m actually at 1050F ehe <3

I know I promised a huge epic gift, but the thing is, I no longer want to postpone my hiatus and making that huge gift would have taken a huge amount of time, so please, accept these instead! I am just SO-GODDAMN-SICK of the fact that there are 16 year old brats who are better than me at art! D:< Hurts my ego.

I had this idea a long time ago- you know how you look at an object, and like one particular part of it the most and wish you could use it separately? Well that’s what I did! I sliced and hacked and franken-meshed some objects by Nanu and Murano, the result- a bunch of clutter and two amaze mirrors turned into paintings! I know, I have my moments of geniousness.

I as well ‘converted’ some gorgeous walls and floors by SimStudio51.

Also some older recolours of Apollo’s Painkiller Bench. : )



Credits: I take absolutely no credits for anything in this post, only for spending my time in Milkshape and Simpe. I got the pictures from Pinterest and forgot to check the artists, sorry : (
(Nanu, Murano, SimStudio51, carious artists)

Enjoy and please poke if something is off <3

I am not permanently leaving, but I do hope to stay sober from sims for as long as possible. I will log-out out of this account and log-in into my artblr, so I won’t be seeing nor liking your amazing posts sugacubes : ( I think it’s safe to say ”expect my posts less frequently than 1 per month”?

I already miss you all! \ ;___; / <3

Yolo folks! I bring you lovely thingies, just like I promised. This isn’t the 1000-followers-gift, it’s a.. pre-gift? Anyway, here’s a bunch of ancient Asian sculptures and whatsoever from Infinity Blade and Unreal Tournament 3 for your enjoyment. And just look at those gorgeously breathtaking previews Herbawhite did for me! Thank you once again sugarcube <3

A little about the the objects-

Here’s a little tip on how to make the big bridge and the stairs fit:

And also a wee tip for the gargoile:


Don’t forget to grab these pretty thingies by Yuxi to complete your collection!

I hope I included everything, poke if not. Enjoy <3 : )

Credits: Epic Games, Chair Entertainment, Herbalwhite

So I was browsing through my tumblr(the entire thing..) and saw some really lovely old pictures that I decided to retouch in Photoshop. All of these had around 10 notes, ah those times.. :’ )

LivingSims has this Colour Blind Challenge-challenge going on and I thought I’d give it a try : )) Have a dining/living/kitchen in black & white! I couldn’t help it and cheated and added a pretty plant :  (

I tried to decorate a la Maxis Match! :D Didn’t really turn out like that, but eh, semi-MM, good enough.

This is what happens when you have only your own CC installed, together with like, 10 objects made by others…

I don&#8217;t know how it happened, but it did- I&#8217;m only a few people away from 1000 followers! Somehow I gained lots of new sugarcubes this past month, even though I said I&#8217;m leaving. Not complaining or anything, but you guys aren&#8217;t making this decision any easier&#160;; D Anyway, the moment I pass the number 1000, expect a MASSIVE followers gift! &lt;333
Thank you everyone :&#8217;)



anhelledry :  Hi! Recently you have shared amazing lot (on your CC-blog '900+ followers gift post'). And I deeply in love with it! But I can't download it. Long story short, I've found out that file on Box is corrupted somehow. Sooo...I thought you should know and maybe reupload it or upload it somewhere else.

Hello! Ah, thank you so much, so happy you like it : )) NOOO, I ran out of bandwidth, which means that till the end of this month, all of my CC uploaded to BOX will be unavailable : (((

Thanks for letting me know hey, I uploaded the lot to Mediafire as well, hope it works now and happy Easter! : )))

If there is anything else you guys really want to download right now and couldn’t possibly wait till the end of this month, please tell me and I’ll upload those things to Mediafire : )

and happy Easter to everyone else as well! ^^

Crazy Colour, with shameless self promotion! :DD
My tablet is being a little butch and I&#8217;m too lazy to restart the comp in order to fix that, so here&#8217;s White Vintage for people who voted for that!